yamaha da2x complement

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I asked about the oscillators of this dac in the thread "The well tempered master clock", "canvas" replied,
I just want to correct a mistake that is slipped over the scheme, which concerns the quartz entering the ym3436, although it is marked at 18MHZ, in the list of components, it is indeed a 12.8mhz,in addition I measured the frequency, so you can believe me.
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Hi Vita,

My DAC also has YM3436D as the receiver. However, I don't use it anymore. The original XO is a passive 11.2896Mhz crystal. I guess the DAX2 is mainly for 48Khz FS (for studio), so a 12.8Mhz is required in favor of 256fs (12.288Mhz+). From the schematics, DAX2 don't take the bit clock from YM3436. It generates BCK by an external PLL, and the Fujitsu multi XO looks like the clock reference for the PLL which also controlled by MCU. In my opinion, it's too much work to replace the XO. For full compatibility, you need several XOs with some MUX logic to replace the Fujitsu multiple XO component. You can upgrade the 12.8Mhz on YM3436, but I don't think it will do much help on SQ. The PLL reference clock is the most important.
Hello canvas,
my test has not costed expensive, instead of the original crystal, I put a NKG 3001B normally better, but it is not sure, as I said previously, it is neither better nor worse, I did not hear any difference.
I think to have it done, the better and less expensive for dac, is to remake the bias all opamp, at the maximum of 9-10mA, as stated in the datasheet for the 5532 and 2114 (3.3ohm instead, 4.7ohm), it works with + -16.5volt, including the opamp tda1547 (2.2 ohm instead of, 4.7ohm) at + -5volt, in my case, it sounds like a charm, no opamp swap.On 24/7, never had a problem, for 1 dac for several years, for the two other months of use.

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Hello, canvas,

sorry for the break, I had some problems with windows 10 (Kaput).
I joined the scheme of regulators,you think change by what,
I assume you mean the + -5 volts, it must be small to fit in the same space and support, quite mA, because, except for the opamp, all powered by this regulator.
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