Yamaha c70 Part ID

Hi there,
does anybody out there have a Yamaha C-70 preamp?

I have just taken delivery of one and SW503 is missing, with the pins having been jumpered. I think it is the tone control bypass switch.

It sits under the stand-off control board on the power supply pcb.
All it says in the service manual is "magnetic switch".

Would you mind terribly popping the lid off yours and telling me the part number/manufacturer? A photo would be even better!

Ta muchly
Ta muchly, just as I thought.
No idea why it is missing. There has been some botching going on. Looks like this will be a messy rebuild. Some of those HB2E relais are broken, too (i.e. they are physically damaged). Worth it?

You wouldn't know if there is an off the shelf replacement? I live near Farnell's...