XSim vs. XOver Pro 3 - Driver DB Questions


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Hi Everyone,

I purchased XOver Pro and just got it working finally by using Windows 7, with an Ubunty VM inside of which I run Wine. That works great.

I have a problem. One of the main reasons I purchased XOver pro was for the driver database. I expected to be able to select a driver and get impedance and frequency data automatically. I haven't played around with it very much but it does not really seem to be the case for the FR.

My goal was to be able to design a crossover that would be reasonably close without actually having to buy and measure the drivers first.

Am I missing something?

If it doesn't have these features, is there any benefit to XOver Pro 3 compared to XSim besides the manual?

I'm being sincere in my questions. I'm just trying to avoid spending a lot of time learning XOver Pro if it's not going to give me more value than I have.

With the OmniMic + DATS + XSim solution I get great results but of course I must measure the drivers (unless of course I buy all Dayton parts). It's not that difficult, I just had some idea that XOver Pro would save me a step or two.

Thanks for any informed help.


Unfortunately it only says about the T/S parameters not the frequency response.

Largest Driver Database
X•over Pro includes the world's largest database of driver parameters! It includes both open back drivers (like woofers) and sealed back drivers (like tweeters). Users can add, edit or delete drivers and the database can be searched by manufacturer, driver model name, driver parameters and open back drivers can also be searched based on their suitability for a closed or vented box design