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i need to build a 3 way xover. xover points at 10k and 25k. the speakers already have a first order on the mid and high that crossover at these points but the dual 8" lows are getting the full freq. as well as the mid. my main complaint is the mid/highs.........too crashy.any comments on what crossover i need to build? butterworth ,linkwitz..ect.. another question, ive come up with component values for a 3 way 1st order butterworth and my calculations call for a .0382mh inductor for the mid. I CANT FIND ONE!can i use these in paralel to half the value like drivers?? thanks! shallenn

I have found some that are .031 which is fairly close. You would just have to change the value on the cap for your tweeter. What you need to do is figure out where you want to cross your woofers and mid at. The 25K is the upper limit of your tweets. 500Hz is a fairly common x for woofers and mids. 10K is much higher a x than is typically used for the mid to tweet. 500hz and 5k are much more typical points to cross for 3 ways. Go for at least a 12db slope if you can. That will clean things up.
Thatch_ear, I think I know where you're coming from with your 12dB per octave suggestion. In this case it might or might not be appropriate. The selection of filter rates is not a simple science.
Shallenn, yes you can parallel like inductors to halve the inductance, you can series connect them as well to increase their inductance. Just make sure you look out for mutual inductance between them, otherwise you could end up with much higher or lower values than expected! Better to roll your own.
You will have to elaborate a little more about your speakers before any meaningful suggestions can be made. The problem may not be caused by the crossover.

Regards WALKER
well, i knew it was coming!! i bought these speakers...sony.
2 eights 1 three inch and a tweeter per tower. "mid" and "tweeter" are 6 ohms each. 1mfd cap on the "tweeter" and a 2.7 mfd cap on the "mid". crossing over around 10k and 25k.<__correct me if im wrong:) anyways, the mid is too crashy in the higher freqs. other than that, a little too much boomy bass......ported. i figure i could gett improved sound by building a 3 way xover. i guess i would need to crossover at the same points because i dont know how damaging it would be lowering the xover points. no specs. on drivers. but a 3 way would cut the upper highs coming out of the "mid". leading me to believe that this would clean up that crashy mess!! thanks!..........thath, where can i get some of those .031 inductors???
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