Xonar STX and JRC Muses Opamps


2013-04-14 5:33 am
First off please forgive my ignorance I am a complete newbie when it comes to the audiophile world.

I have just purchased the Asus Xonar Essence STX and being someone who loves to tinker with just about everything electronic I am very interested in changing the op amps on the STX. I have done some research and learned that there are 3 opamps on the STX board, 2 iv opamps and 1 buffer opamp. I know each opamp is more of a personal choice instead of X is better then Y but overall how are the JRC MUSES 01/02 opamps? Will the JRC Muses 01 or 02 be a good fit for the iv opamps and buffer opamps? Should I use the same opamp for both iv opamps and do I need an opamp different iv opamp for the buffer opamp?

Also, is there anything better then the JRC Muses 01/02?