xbox 360 powering an amp question


2013-02-02 5:04 am
hi guys, i'm new to this and im workin on a project to convert audio equipment (2 6.5 speakers and my 400 watt amp) to work in a house. i have each speaker in 1 channel each. i cut the xbox 360 cord and it had 3 yellow wires, 3 black wires, and a black and red wire. i connected the yellow wires to the 12v positive slot on the amp, all the black wires to the ground slot, and the red and blue wire connected to the REM slot. when i plug the cord in, the brick shows a green light but am not hearing any sound. also, i tried plugging RCA cables as the low input thing and i have a y adapter connected the other ends to my phone. please be aware i am very little educated in audio. my only experience is replacing 6.5s in my jeep and installing a 12" sub in my jeep of course with an amp. if anyone can tell me what i'm doing wrong, itd be greatly appreciated. i though that the speakers might be bad but i'm not sure how to test them.