X-Series vs. Aleph

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did anybody ever compare an x-series with an Aleph?
A few years ago I had an Aleph 0s at home for 2 weeks or so. It really impressed me (more than some big american competitors) with it´s sound. Recently I´ve tried an X150 (also for 2 weeks). Although this also sounded fine, it didn´t impress me as much as the Aleph did.
Of course this is just a comparison between 1 model of each series with a lot of time in between but maybe somebody else has made similar observations with different models?

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All other things equal, the X amps have more dynamic
range and more control in the bottom end, while the
Alephs are warmer in the mid and a little sweeter on
the top. If I only needed a few watts, I would tend to
pick an Aleph, but if I needed more power, an X.

At CES tomorrow we will show the XA200, which is
an Aleph Single-ended Class A output stage mated to
an X front end in what I refer to as "balanced singled-
ended" (an oxymoron if there ever was one).

My experience with the prototypes and initial product
is that it comes very close to delivering the best of
both worlds, and is the best yet from us.

Recently Grey speculatively worked up a schematic of such
a creature, but he hasn't tested it yet. At my request he
graciously held off publishing it until our product

I anticipate that he will release it soon, particularly if
you all begin clamoring for it. :)
So, I worked for Nortel Networks for years, and they always sent a design team to CES along with the marketing doofuses (doofi?). Never got to go (never really wanted to).
Now I'm disappointed I can't see and hear this new amp and perhaps even meet Nelson.
Now I work for Panasonic. CES? I don't think so...

I used to go every year when they had the summer CES in Chicago. Sometimes I would go on my own dime if I visited more than a day ... but it was at most a one hour drive :)

Now that it's in Las Vegas only and my company won't even pay for us to go to the bathroom, I just have fond memories.
I met quite a few of the designers over the years, but missed Nelson!

Somebody go and take a picture, I don't even know if maybe I've seen him and just didn't know.

Jakeh said:
Now this sounds possibly like my holy grail - , simplicity of SE class A but with low distortion, power and efficiency. All those days of dithering about choice of amp to build could be over. Desperate clamouring from me, Grey...


Well just remember that the output is still single ended Class A albeit in bridged configuration so it wont be that efficient.
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