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WTS: F7 transistor sets


2009-02-26 8:34 pm
From a recent F7 build I have some leftover transistors sets.

Each set includes:
2 pcs 2SK170BL (Idss matched)
2 pcs 2SJ74BL (Idss matched)
2 pcs ALF08N16V (Vgs matched)
2 pcs ALF08P16V (Vgs matched)

The K170/J74 Jfets has been carefully chosen for the F7 circuit and were confirmed to yield the desired distortion pattern of the F7 (THD < 0.1%, with h2 10dB above h3).

My asking price per set is 100 euro + postage. With each set of transistors I will provide a complete sets of passives (PRP 1/4W resistors, Bourns pots etc.) to build two amp channels.


PM for questions and details.
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