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WTB your left over wood VENEER ...

I now have a shameful amount of raw, unfinished plywood or MDF speakers. I am struggling to buy veneer at new prices. If you would like to make a little money, I'd love to see what you may have left over. Here are a few sizes I could use to start with ... these are minimum measurements.
9 wide, and I need a total of 70".
14 wide, and I would need 94 total inches.
And I need a total of 4 matching pieces, sized 25" x 22".

I'm not interested in anything plain and non figured ... I have that now! LOL


2003-12-03 10:49 pm
I have leftover Australian Lacewood and white maple. I'd have to look at sizes. I'll post pictures of the lacewood as used on my speakers when I get a chance, they don't seem to be on a hosting site anywhere so I'll have to upload some. The other boards I use allow direct uploading to the post.

I think the bigger problem is shipping. They are pretty fragile and I can't even remember how they came to me.