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WTB: Sanken SAP15N & SAP15P (or STD03N & STD03P if compatible)

I have the Cambridge Audio A500 integrated amp with the blown output devices.

I cannot find a source to purchase unless I buy 1000 min. quantity.

The distributor will NOT supply samples to me/my company of either set. (assuming the SAP versions is obsolete)

Does anyone have 2 pairs of either devices to SELL in order for me to use in my amp.

Can I use the STD03 series without too many mods ? (Add a resistor on the emitter etc.)

Any help would be appreciated.


PigletsDad said:
Farnell in the UK certainly list them in small quantities. I expect they will sell direct to you over the net. Part numbers are 1182829 and 1182830.

Newark are their US affiliate, maybe you can buy through them if Farnell UK won't help.

SAP15's are no longer available. SAP16's were the preferred replacements for the last few years, but Profusion lists a last-time buy this May or June. But you can still order them. I have just ordered and received a couple of STD03's from them.


Jan Didden
Re: No one have no spares to sell????

dtm1962 said:
At $49 per shipping from Profusion, I don't believe it's a good value paying this outrageous shipping charge!

Does anyone have a pair of SAP16N (or SAP15N) and SAP16P (or SAP15P) to sell for $25-35 USD shipped Canada?

Let me know.

Thanks in advance,


Well, I probably have a pair of SAP16's spare. Let me check what I paid for them (and the shipping from profusion ;-) ) and I'll get back to you.

Jan Didden
Re: Re: No one have no spares to sell????

janneman said:

Well, I probably have a pair of SAP16's spare. Let me check what I paid for them (and the shipping from profusion ;-) ) and I'll get back to you.

Jan Didden

I can spare a pair, SAP16P and SAP16N. New, unused. 20$ US plus shipping at cost plus paypal fees (4%).
You interested?

Jan Didden


2008-01-29 12:01 am
You can get SAP15 transistors from FARNELL here:


btw, does anyone know much about the Cambridge Audio A5 Amp.

I fried the fuses on the power supply and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?

The transistors in question look fine, and i cant detect any short circuits with a DVM? Do the Cambridge Audio A5 fuses protect the circuitry well?

Suprisingly, i was only running it loud, there was no shortcircuit or "fault", it just got too hot i think. This was dissapointing, since I assumed Cambridge Audio would offer similiar protection as the A1 Chipamp, which simply cuts out if its overdriven. Anyway, im interested in any replies here.

dtm1962 said:
To eliminate the emitter resistor : Do you cut the Sensor Leg or the Emitter Leg and terminate 0.22W Resistor in series with the Emitter? Sensor?

I have new SAP16's ready to put in so would it better to put say 3W units external and it would be more reliable?

What rating is the internal emitter resistor anyways?


I'm waiting for your response to my email on the SAP16's. Do you still want them? Please let me know.

Jan Didden


2008-01-29 12:01 am
Thanks for the tips.

I checked the emitter resistors and they read correctly at around 0.22R, with no darlington shortcircuits either. So luckily for me, I replaced the fuses with the correct type, and the amplifier operates perfectly.

I guess it suffered some sort of thermal runaway. After checking the datasheets for these SAP15 devices i notice the maximum power dissipation rating exceeds the power deliverable by the power supply with these fuse ratings, whence the reason the trannies survived maybe:)

btw, does anyone know what the LEDs in this CA amp are for? its an indicator? or just implemented as diodes with prefered characteristics?

Voltage references for current sources in the circuit.

The problem with the A5/A500 is poor heatsinking. The heatsink is just an L-angle with folded metal fins.

The Cambridge amps that use LM3886 use this particular IC's "SPIKe" protection, which is on die and therefore very responsive. The SAP based circuit Cambridge used just has regular VI limiting.
I bought a tube of these from Profusion in the UK -- the US distributor (Arrow) would only do a minimum lot of 500 -- as I only needed to make a few amps, I will sell to anyone in the US for my cost -- $4.25/pr -- which is lower than the cost and carriage for small quantities from GB. They are on my webstore at: http://www.tech-diy.com/Store/Hexfets.htm