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WTB: Resistor set for Daniel's F5 PCBs

I am hoping there is someone out there like me who always buys 2-3x the amount of resistors required for a project just in case. I am about to start ordering from Digikey all of the resistors required for the F5 boards (P. Daniel's) but tought I would check here first to see if anyone bought extras and had them laying around. I bought all of the JFETs and MOSFETs from Spencer and I still need the ZTX450/550 transistors and thermistors too. Anyone who has this stuff willing to sell please let me know, I will start ordering parts in a week or so.

Oh yeah, I need the power transformer too. I am building it a stereo build so will need one rated at 500-600va 18-0-18v. Was gonna get that from Antek but again, if you have one and are willing to part drop me an email.