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[WTB] Hypex UcD400HG (HxR? and SMPS400A400 maybe)

Hi guys,
my right channel UcD has served me well for 9 years. A bit short lived but that's how it is. Then magic smoke and now it's a mono amp (was dual mono, PSU also has several burnt components).
Any used but working UcD400HG (HxR? maybe can salvage the ones I got), V3 on my PCB. Also interested by a SMPS400A400.
Or a used NCore NC500MP? Nahhh... cheap? Why not....
Time to empty your drawers for sleeping boards!

PM please, thanks,
yes I can do that (cheaper direct from Hypex) but:
• worst time for me money-wise. That's why I would like to replace a 9 y.o. used one by another used one.
• as a psycho-audio I do not like the idea of having a new board and an old one. Will both channels sound the same? Caps health?
• can go single PSU, but... less power (even if enough for 8Ω speakers on paper). Downgraded amp is downgraded amp (better than none anyway).

• or...

• will go 2 new boards (then get a used one as spare) if I can wait santa... and can't find used
• even buy something better (is it, really? My UcD were DC coupled)

Voilà !
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Hello Matthieu,
if you are not succesfull, I will have a look into my drawers (second home) on Saturday. As far as I remember there are 4 of this modules and also 2 power supplies, but not the original SMPS400A400. I don't need them, so they would come cheap,

best regards,