WT3 Test Software

Well, it appears that WT3 has been out for a couple months. I noticed it is featured in this months PE Fyer.

Any opinions as to how well it works?

From what I can see, it only measures thru the woofer terminals? Does this mean it doesn't need or contain any sort of sound card or frequency microphone? Wouldn't this greatly limit the amount (and accuracy) of data it can obtain?

I have a room full of speakers I have picked up over the years (probably 30-40 speaker sets with over 50 different woofers). Would this software be a good quick way to measure all the woofers?

Is it alot less cumbersome than using SE?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone make anything similar for testing and measuring tweeters?



2004-11-26 3:15 am
It measures impedence and does not have a capability to measure frequency response.
I do not have one but it appears to just operate through usb.

The device would be of minimal use for tweeters since tweeters already have sealed enclosure. You will only be able to to an impedence sweep with no t\s data. You will likely have to run filter to not risk damaging the tweeter with a sweep. The filter would show up in your measurements then.