Wright WPP100C Schematic or Gut Shots?

Does anyone have schematics or interior pictures of the George Wright WPP100C phono preamp and its WPS04 power supply?

I'd like to make a phono preamp that sounds like the WPP100C to drive my Tubelab SE 300B. Forgive the subjective language, but the characteristics I'm going for are the classic tube "sweetness," a wonderful liquidity without losing micro detail, dynamics, or soundstage -- incredibly involving and mesmerizing, the "SET magic" etc etc.

I've found George's descriptions of the WPP100C/WPS04 at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine as well as some of his emails that were posted in another forum. I'd like to know what components he used for the constant current source and some other features, but so far have not been able to find schematics or interior pics on the web. If anyone has these or knows where to find them, I'd really like to study this model.

Dunno.. My in use for 12 yrs .. Wright pre simply made my F6 build sound ..Bad.
A complete shock actually.
Substituted a simple/stoopid Stepped attenuator in place of the Wright 'pre'.. Instant Goodness.
ALL of what you asked for.. without a single tube in sight.. Moderne Times :)
Careful in what you wish for.