Wow & Flutter test 4 Amplifiers !

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WOW indeed ! And it's not April the 1st either :D

P7-5 New Techniques for Evaluating Audio Amplifiers via Measuring for Induced Wow and Flutter and Differential Phase Distortions—Ron Quan, Ron Quan Designs - Cupertino, CA, USA
In the past, mechanical systems were measured for Wow and Flutter or frequency modulation but not amplifiers. Instead, amplifiers are typically measured for intermodulation and harmonic distortion. A new method for audio amplifier/device performance measures frequency modulation effects and differential phase distortion. Frequency and phase detectors are used to evaluate induced frequency and phase modulation from an amplifier under two conditions. The first condition has a low frequency signal inducing the modulation on a high frequency signal. The second condition has a high frequency AM signal inducing the modulation on a lower frequency signal. Practical design topologies for the new test methods are shown and the results of the new testing methods are tabulated.

Should be interesting to see what they discover etc.
They *already* invented COLOUR TV? :eek:
You must be kidding!!
Stop reading Science Fiction, it'll burn your brain :p

As of Mr Ron Quan, I humbly suggest he invents more useful and urgently needed Scientific Devices, including but not limited to:
(These are just examples)

1) a Thermometer to measure fever in fish and reptiles.

2) a Radar navigation system for flying turtles, snails and elephants, so they can land safely at night or in bad weather, even in unmarked Airports.

3) a GPS based location system, permanently attached to Mount Everest, so it's easy to find it when it goes hitch hiking.

4) ..... add your own .....

EDIT: in Argentina we have a popular saying: "más inútil que cenicero en moto" = "more useless than an ashtray in a motorcycle".
Maybe some of that applies here ;)
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@ JMFahey

I did give a :D

I posted it as i found it peculiar that people research stuff like that. Plus i'm surprised that AES are allowing it ! I don't expect we'll get anything useful out of it, but ya never know !

Also i just happened to notice it close to soomething else i was looking at.

LOL, yeah it's a while since i've heard about the ashtray on a motorbike Good one :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.