Would this work well enough?


2005-08-25 4:17 am
I'm the lucky winner of a pair of low xmax 15" DVC. Other forums have shund me and my being new, so hopefully it dose'nt carry-on here? Here are the specs. fs 22.5 qms 5.35 qes .52 qts .47 vas 368liters and a xmax of only 5.5. So after a month or so and a ton of calculations this is where i am. A 4th order bandpass isobarically loaded push-pull system with a vf=2.09ft3 vr=1.91ft3 qbp=0.99 fb=47.41hz with a bandpass 35.37-81.14hz and pushed with a 100watt plate amp to be found next. Would this be a better deal than my jensen 10" 110watt closeout sale sub? Or do any one else have an opinion?