Would this enclosure work for an F5?

I saw this enclosure on ebay and I have been considering building my first pass amp.

High Power Amp / Amplifier DIY HiFi Case Heatsink Kit - eBay (item 370456896110 end time Nov-22-10 06:27:29 PST)

I am looking at the F5 due to the availability of boards, small part count and the fact Mr. Pass says even a Gieco customer could build one. I am not a Gieco customer but The easier my first build the better. I would rather have an ok amp that works then a pile of expensive parts that I can't make work. I actually have a pair of Aleph X boards I was going to try but I decided I needed to start smaller.

If this enclosure does not have enough heat sinking could you recommend one that does. I would prefer leaving custom chassis building until a few builds later even though I have a background in custom building similar items.