Would these make for a good co-axial line array???

I have the opportunity to buy 50 sets of these co-axial in-ceiling JBLs. I was wondering if these would make good floor to ceiling line-arrays? What do you all think?


If the price is right, it could make a fun exercise. The high frequency combing on the tweeters will be comparable to a full-range speaker array though, as the distance between tweeters is the same (center to center). Though that horn on the tweeter might help limit dispersion. It's behavior could be simulated with Vituixcad. Much like what we did for full-range arrays in this thread: Array simulation starter set
What's the frame size of the coax?
They are 4" drivers. At a buck a pair, I don't have much to lose. at 4" each, that would be approximately 20 drivers for an 8 ft tall cab. I'll measure them to see if they'll work in open baffle too. If nothing else, they would work on either side of the TV.
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Sorry for the ignorance, but what does that sound like?
'Soft'/lacking in accurate detail with increasing phase shift the further off center of its focal point one is, though if the comb filtering is excessive enough our brains sum it for us as McIntosh proved many decades ago; when it comes to arrays this is my reference once angled to physically time align them: http://www.roger-russell.com/xr290.htm

From this and my experiments with concave/focused 'FR' driver arrays one has to design for a specific polar response same as a large multiway horn system, which typically means corner loading for full range in a typical size room and why the Unity/Synergy concept is the only way to 'have your cake and eat it to' since all drivers sum in the horn and needs no corners.
Yes, they've improved over time from a technical POV, but haven't had the opportunity to audition them and frankly, my hearing has degraded to the point in recent years to where I doubt I could tell any subtle differences, so for now the original 'flagship' is my best reference.


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