Would like to see inside FT7RP case. Got one?


2010-12-02 8:21 am
I have been searching online to see if I can find any pictures of the inside of an FT7RP tweeter. No luck. Only pictures of assembled unit.
Looks like the back of it has four screws that you can take off, and take the case apart. I doubt anyone will want to take thiers off a cabinet and take it apart, but I am hoping maybe someone has a blown one?
I have a Fostex tweeter that I think is the same, but without the faceplate or case. It has two holes on front where it was just screwed to a board. I just want to verify by looking at a disassembled unit.
I would love to have full measurements of the inner unit in MM if I am so lucky as to find pics of one!!!!!!!!