Would like help to build amps for Vandersteen speakers

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Hello everybody,

I have followed this forum for a while now and really enjoy reading all the very informative posts.

I just acquired 2 vandersteen CE speakers with a center vandersteen VCC.
The CEs are bi-amped and I need to find good amps for them.

I am totally new to electronics and I would say by analogy that my skills in electronics are as limited as changing oil in a ford festiva for a mechanic.( I hope that it's not too hard on a festiva :)

I would like to build 4 singles amps for the main speakers and 1 other amp for the center channel.
Eventually, following with building 2 other amps for the rear channels and one for the subwoofer. (Dynaudio MW190)

I am looking for sound quality more than anything else.
I would think that 100W rms per channel would be plenty and would allow for a very low THD at lower volume.

I can solder fine and follow pcb layouts also.
I just need some help to find some good pcb layouts with all the component lists. well you see what I mean, basically almost a kit.

I have read the book from Randy Slone and even though very complicated for me, he seems to have some good ideas. Since my knowledge is very limited in the subject, I thought that all the masters here could put me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance,
I can't wait to hear your suggestions.

good choice in speakers


I just heard these speakers this past weekend (with the subs, but no CC). They were powered by a Rotel integrated amp (60x2), and used a Linn Cd player. This setup sounded much better than anything else in the entire store (B&W, Arial, Linn, Levinson).

I think 100 watts will be a good amount to shoot for, but this 60 watt rotel was more than enough for a 25x15 room.

Good luck!

Thank you for your reply.
I agree with you that 100watts should be overkill.
I was trying to have the minimum distorsion possible at reasonnable levels.

These speakers will also be used as main speakers in a home theater system and there is sometimes a need for power in some scenes.

My only reference so far with those speakers is a SONY receiver with 100watts rms channels. The volume potentiometer is usually around 1/3 of the way when I watch a movie.
(Keep in mind that I am using channelA/channelB to simulate bi-amp on the front speakers, which might not be the best idea anyway :) + the center and rear channels (powering JBL columns).

Please keep the suggestions coming :)
Thank you.

Thanks for the info.
I actually know that they can sound incredible from what I have read on the net. They already sound really great with the sony receiver I have and cannot wait to hear them with some real amp.

Any particular place where I could find more info on those amps ?

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