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Cal, here is the original, official, full and complete list of 5-character strings which Josh Wardle published as "the only legal SOLUTION WORDS in the Wordle game, as long as I am in control" ... when he gave out his open source code and data for the Wordle game. As you can see, CONDO and PHOTO are on the list.

If you will kindly put a double asterisk "**" next to the words which you disagree with, and which you never want to see on your Wordle ever again, I'll try to come up with a simple lightweight software that warns you not to play today. Or, if you prefer, software that tells you "don't break your streak of consecutive wins in Wordle today with this Cxickxn Sxit nonword! Just type in "CONDO" on guess #1 and keep your streak alive".



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