wiring a sub in parellel with DVC

I have a 150watt 4ohm sub amp which I want to hook up in parellel to my 12"
DVC driver.

The sub (on its side) looks like this

The terminals on the back of the driver looks like this

And the connections on the amp look like this (sorry for the blurriness)

Ok, now I know these are basic questions but just thought i'd clarify to make sure I was doing this properly (1st time).

My first question - there are two small and two large the contacts on the back of the driver, (im assuming the large ones are for one voice coil and the small for the other) the two large ones have a red dot next to them to show they are the positive terminals, but are the 2 large ones positive? or does it mean that the ones going horizontal are positive? which terminals are what? ;)

Second question - once i find out which terminal is which, to hook everthing up in parellel, do I hook the positive lead from the amp to positive terminal on voice coil one, then a wire runs from negative on voice coil one to positive on voice coil 2 and then the negative wire on the amp runs to the negative on voice coil 2? Does that sound right?

I agree with HDTV man. There has to be another set of terminals like that on the opposite side, or thats not a DVC driver. Typically, the larger, broader blades are the positive terminals, and the smaller, skinnier ones are the negative ones. If you ever reverse them, you will likely be able to tell, because your driver will be out of phase.