Wireless receiver


2015-04-01 9:22 pm
I'm thinking of adding some kind of wireless capability to my audio system. The cheapest and easiest option is Bluetooth, but I'm not sure about the audio quality of BT4 and aptX.
For now, I'm using a computer that's connected to the system (wired) and to the network, and I'm using my phone or laptop to control the audio player remotely. But I can't stream from YouTube of SoundCloud and the audio files must be on that computer.
So are there any cheap alternatives to Bluetooth or the aptX codec is fine?
Also, do you need some kind of special encoder or any bluetooth-capable device should work?
The ideea here is that Chromecast is streamming from the cloud, just the playlist's links and play/pause commands are received from any smartphone, tablets, PC's and else. For example, I am using an iPod touch as a remote controller and many apps on it have add-on to stream throught Chromecast (like Deezer, Google Play, Youtube etc.).
The big thing is that Chromecast has both analog and digital outputs, so you can use it both ways. And the analog output has even two kind of output levels (HD and simple) to suit any analog audio sistem you might have. And more than that it is damn cheap at 35USD.
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