wireless guitar project

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Ive always wanted to build myself a wireless guitar system so i can move about more while im playing, and have just noticed an IC from www.maxim-ic.com - the max2606

details found here http://www.maxim-ic.com/appnotes.cfm/appnote_number/1869

it looks pretty straight foward! im quite keen to modify the front end slightly to match a guitar, although it might need a preamp before this too as it is expecting a line input level. wouldnt hurt to maximise the SNR anyway..

but the whole thing could be powered by a 9V or a few 1.5V batteries and might even be small enough to put inside the guitar? if not then i think commercial designs have a small box that clips onto the strap..

anyway, im keen to have a crack at this project to see if any good results are possible. Anyone else keen?

only problem at this stage is the chip is tiny, which makes it a pain to solder to, but its only 6 pins..


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Hi Optical
Might be simpler to buy a "bug transmitter" kit such as Jaycar Electronics KE-4711 (AUD$11.50) or KJ-8570 (AUD$19.95). They interface directly to an electret microphone so may have the sensitivity you need.
They have branches in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton & Wellington or you can mail order.
well those chips turned up, but they were so tiny they were unsolderable... ~3mm x 2mm... that will teach me for not checking the IC package..

Instead i have ordered some FM transmitter kits and modules from www.oatleyelectronics.com
They have locked frequencies and are quite powerful. I have ordered one straight transmitter module, and another kit with a preamp that also includes the module..

so hopefully they will turn up soon and i can try it out!
it should be good, it runs from a variety of voltages so a 9V should do for the transmitter and the preamp.

Only problem i can foresee is the ariel is quite long.. im not sure where i would put it? maybe stitch it to the strap or something..
you may still want to try those chips, lol it looks more tricky than it is... First put tiny but if solder on traces on pcb, just enough to turn it solder colour... then position IC....

Now put one huge solder drop on top of the pins and let it melt covering all the pins on one side.

Now while its melted press down on the IC to form capilary suction between the pins and pcb.

Next use desolder pump to quickly suck the excess solder away, it should leave only the bits traped by capilary action between pins and pcb. any small leftovers (if any) can be removed with desodler wick.
well i dont have a pcb to even try that technique on, and im not going to make one so they are def. a no go..

ive been looking into the expensive commercial wireless models to get an idea for the tricks they use and apparently the drift you get with an unlocked transmitters can often ruin the whole thing..

the ones im getting have locked oscillators. i just need to work out whether summing the channels or sending a balanced signal would be best..

hopefully they will arrive soon and i'll suss it out.
I don't know if it is even possible but if you ever figure out how to build one where the input level to the amplifier will never vary I might consider using one but so far nobody has and that's why I don't.

Since you're dealing with the FM band, aren't you worried about outside interference?

Surely he does not mean in the FM broadcast band. I think he just means frequency modulated transmission. Right? There are all kinds of FM transmissions all over the place outside of the FM broadcast band. Most are above it.
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