Wire gauge Magnepans

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Im trying to create a list of the different wire gauges used in the magnepans to fin replacement wires on large spools.

i tried measuring but my caliper is not good enough, i will try with a micrometer later on.

the ones im keen on knowing are


SMGa. Bass :
Tweeter: ø0,2 mm
Bass: ø0,6 mm. 22 gauge according to magnepan

Tympani 1-D
Bass: 25 gauge according to magnepan

If you know sizes of any other models ill put them in the list as well, so we have a nice collection to do some easy lookup.
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hmm ok, will try , stupid thing is i have to call them and it will cost big bucks from the netherlands. also i want a huge spool. for like 10 speakers or more so the shipping costs wil be worth it.

seems like i should do it. stop ******* around and get the original wires. hope they sell in bulk to :)

gone call them right away.!
Well E-mail works....I dont no about bulk Aluminum wire from them... but get the ga. for the speakers....i well say as for the base wire the 36-34 well work on all the older type
but it has to be Aluminum .....
I have had Magnepans wire with mag-wire copper right ga.
but less output an dose not sound the same...well work..but if you hear the diff you wont like it...weard but the Al has it own sound...i would have thought that the copper would sound better...i would have lost the bet....just one mans finding an 0-pine
well just ordered

10 sets for bass smga. and 2 for some future tympani projects.

, thats allot of wire.

i think she mentioned the gauge as well.. 22 for smga and 25 for tymp-1d

well copper is way heavy, thats why it suonds weird. also les soft and bendable. im so curious about what its gone cost me ... think the wire alone was 105 dollar. now shipping
Magnepan use these insulated aluminium wires:

AWG 22, dia 0.644 mm, Tympani I-C bass, MG almost all of them
AWG 25, dia 0.455 mm, Tympani I-D, IV and IVa bass
AWG 26, dia 0.405 mm, Tympani IIIA mid
AWG 31, dia 0.227 mm, tweeters on two-way models and mid on 3-Series
AWG 35, dia 0.143 mm, tweeters Tympani I-C and IIIA
AWG 36, dia 0.127 mm, tweeters Tympani I-D

Insulated copper wires:
AWG 24, 0.511 mm, Tympani Bass Speaker (IIIA)

Could be that some models have AWG 32 for their mids.
Models with quasi ribbon drivers have flat section wires but of similar cross sectional area. Peoble tend to believe they are lower mass diaphragms but that is not the case. As already mentioned, it is possible to calculate the wire gauge from the resistance of the wire and its length. If you are about to re-wire a bass driver, keep the mass of the wire identical to the original wiring. If the mass lowers, you will loose bass extension and the oposite if you increase the mass. Mass and tension of the Mylar is critical!

My old Tympani IIIA has rather heavy wiring in the bass drivers, copper AWG 24, 46 m on each diaphragm! The two bass drivers for each channel are differently tuned, differnt tension and number of supports (tuning buttons). Their mids has aluminium AWG 26 wiring and their diaphragms have many support (tuning buttons) in order to dived the mass. The tweeters are push-pull (magnets on both sides), aluminium wiring is very thin, AWG 35, but with two runs in parallel.
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