Win 10 for loop back to 8ch line out? Software


2016-04-13 12:02 pm
I have been searching for a while a solution for this problem :
I want to get a mono signal from my line in
To be sent to my line out BUT I want to send it to All channels.
1ch in (line in)
6-8ch out (line out)
And this tru a 5.1 or 7.1 check sound card.

Or does it exists a software to do this?

Thanks for your time
Best regards
I use VB-audio hifi cable with VSThost, In VSThost I can assign any type of effect (crossover, delay, compressor, gate, eq), and assign to any output available.

You actually do not need the above - only if you need to route alle input to output, and to do some sound processing.

You can use any DAW (digital audio workstation) and a asio soundcard or any soundcard with asio4all driver.
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In my setup I send everything to engine input, and in engine output I can select output channels.

In between I can have just a connection, or some effects


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