Will the typical T amp accept speaker level input?

I'm talking only about 5 watts in my case. Basically I'm looking at using a small ta2024 or ta2020 Muse board from Ebay as a "booster" between a low powered amp and the speakers.

If it's not straightforward, how do I determine the resistor value to use?
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2008-12-08 10:24 pm
Yes. With a resistor divider to bring the level down. Search "high level to low level converter" - car audio guys do it all the time.

Imho sound quality is enhanced by avoiding unnecessary amp stages, but if there is no other easy way, go for it.

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Put in a pot. 1k, 10k will do, turned all the way down. Turn it up until you get an acceptable level. Take it out and measure the settings.

Alternatively, 5 watts in 8 ohms is ~6.5v rms. (guessing 8 ohm speakers) You want about 1v. Use a 220R and a 1k in a splitter, or 2k2 and 10k. If it's a bit loud use a 1k8 instead of 2k2 or if quiet use a 3k3.


Or intercept the input to the original amp and feed it to the T-amp.
What is the sense to "boost" a 5 W amp with a 15 W amp? Isn't it easier to simply replace that 5 W amp with the 15 W amp?

class-T = class-D, so you should ask in that section. There should be people who know the input impedance of that Muse amp and the permissible input voltage. From there it is possible to calculate, whether an additional resistor is needed, and which value it should have.
In the first post I should have said "low powered device" instead of "low powered amp". Sorry for the confusion.

The device is a radio/CD combo without AUX outlets. I'd love to tap into the preamp stage on the board inside but that's probably not very doable. I asked here earlier in another thread about that possibility and was discouraged from trying. If I took a picture of the boards do you think you could suggest anything?
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