WHY does a 82db@2.83V/1M 36cm^2 driver and a 88db 230cm^2 woofer still sound like the small driver is blaring/LOUD

Why does the 3.5" still sound like it's way too loud?
Is this why my EQ looks the way it does my whole life? With what I guess are flat FR speakers :unsure:
I can literally just listen to a ScanSpeak 22w or 26W by itself and barely miss a mid or tweeter.

Also: should I build:
XT25 + RS52 + SB23
TG9 + SB23

I was also thinking 22W (which 1 now has a dent) + TG9 (or with RS52 + XT25
ScanSpeak 26w + TG9
XT25 + SB15 + 26w (box will be big)

The TG9 is 8 ohm and the SB is 4 ohm and the TG9 is still loud.
Am I a bit silly or is almost every one else? :oops: :ROFLMAO:

or 22W (which 1 now has a dent) + RS52 + XT25 (pics attached, yep I got one baffle/woofer offer by 1"/25mm :ROFLMAO:)


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I feel sorry for that 22W. Such drivers don’t deserve to be dented.

The ‘magic‘ of any speaker is in the right equalization. Per driver, that is. Aka the right crossover should do the job. Same here. Since you don’t mention it, I presume you didn‘t take care of that. Did you by any way?