Who won?

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planet10 said:
With the new foramt wars, internet downloads of 24/96 and better may well gain ascendency. No Audio standards yet for BlueRay or HDDVD, but it seems Sony has given up on DSD (ie SACD)


This would probably be ok with me......To be honest I am not too interested in the multichannel aspect of a new format for music. It's interesting....but stereo is the way to listen. My PC has the ability to play DVD-Audio. I bought FZ qAUDIOphelia and it is awesome. But I think the surround stuff is tooo.....forced. Doesn't add much to the experience to me.
rdf said:
Backwards thinking that is. New formats drive new sales of things you already own, except when format wars do the opposite. Blame Sony for once again trying to lock up a consumer format. A pox on their house.

Backwards? SO you think jo blow that thinks the MTV top 40 is good cares about a higher bit resolution or sample rate. If people don't buy stuff corporations don't care about it........maybe i am to much of a pecimist...............I agree about Sony though.....they are probably still pissed about the minidisc.
Do I think the 'MTV' gen lives and dies by fidelity? No. Do I think had DVD-A for example become the defacto standard and CD players slowly fell out of production that people would buy old favourites again? Absolutely. Most people forget that vinyl died quicker than pure market considerations would have dictated because the majors simply stopped releasing product. Choice was removed, buy a CD player or listen to 'Bat Out of Hell' forever. Framing the discussion solely in terms of fidelity isn't really correct.

I haven't seen the paper but, judging from what I have seen of Brad Meyer's past experimental protocols, colour me skeptical for now.
I see your point but I am infact not basing this solely on fidelity. Marketablilty is the mane thing from a $$$ stand point. Most of the people buying the records see no DEMAND for something other than a CD or iTunes......Thus they majors feel no need to SUPPLY it.

As for Vinyl......I think durability was the deciding factor there. Records just don't take a beating like a CD....kind of. I am still amazed that SOME people say that is a superior format. If it's so superior why does it have a massive EQ curve put in it when it's cut and then a reverse curne to reproduce. The less signal processing the better eh?

I do see what you are saying though. If the "man" could just pick a new format people definitely would re-buy all of the Zeppelin's and Steely Dan's....etc.....
The reasoning regarding MP3 vs. better formats is arguably valid when comparing vinyl to CD. Most people were accustomed to the flaws and if I recall an insane number of turntables were in circulation in the mid-Eighties. High hundreds of millions. People don't care much about audio and didn't care much about CD back then either. Unless you were into tiny indie labels CD was the only choice, and the indies were eventually bought out.

8-track vs. minidisc? Not a bad comaprison, though I think MD did very well in the Japanese consumer market. 8-track was much more popular in comparison here, eventually killed off by Jack Valenti's nemesis the compact cassette. MD was another example of the Sony bozos trying to lock the music market into their proprietary IP, this time ATRAC. Later models were capable of recording linear PCM but I never saw MD expand much beyond semi-pro audio and news gathering.
I see. You'll have to forgive me some.......I was born in 1980.....so the death of vinyl to the cassete tape was something that was ancient history to me at the time. I Do remember the CD takeoever though........or rather....I remember my dad bitching about having to buy a CD player.........They were still pretty expensive when he decided he was going to need one. This is really the first format battle i have been a part of........the laser disc vs VHS thing was still a little before my time..................
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sauuuuuce said:
SO you think jo blow that thinks the MTV top 40 is good cares about a higher bit resolution or sample rate.

If given proper explosure yes. The kids at the puter shop i work at part time are starting to toss their MP3s as they get more exposure to the little mFonken based "computer speaker system" i brought in for them to sell. And today when i brought the little TubeMan hybrid amp in to replace the Trends you can be sure they paid attention.

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