Who is this guy?

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IMO, that's not the best way to present the article, but it does contain a lot of sound electrical truths. One would be wise to consider his points if building a chip amp. There are a few generalizations that bother me, but nothing far off base. Bottom line is, it's best to study the data sheets and application notes very carefully for any part one intends to use.
Bashing to the left and bashing to the right.

Two things that would have made me respect the guy a little more.

1) If the marvelous design he gladly showed of with lots of pictures was soldered in a professional way. Those ringemitters look like they been glued to the board with pasta sauce.

2) If he actually cared to measure the LM3875 amp and execute some blind listening test to it as well.

I have listened to a LM3886 amp that was transparent in loopfeedback mode with Echoaudio Audiofire4 and Sennheiser HD600.

Also my solders looks way better than his! :D

davidallancole said:
Thanks for the responses guys. So like always, try it for myself.

If your looking for opinions, you'll find them all.

I built Peter Daniels LM3886 kit, and I like it. It is different, and I think a bit better than the 10W push-pull tube amp I've been using. The claims in the article of 'no bass' because of the small psu caps are not correct.

There isn't yet an easy way to tell you exactly how good a piece of gear is - but this amp is simple, satisfying and inexpensive to build. Until someone comes up with some sort of absolute measurement system (probably never), 'try it for yourself' is the only reasonable answer...
He seems pretty opinionated, maybe he has something personal?

His attack on the chipamp was kind of pointless. He just reiterated the blatantly obvious and commonly known. Chipamps aren't bad, but they're no Bryston 2B.

The thing with forums, and more generally the Internet, is you get people who don't know what they're talking about trying to debate as if they do. Sometimes the only way to end an argument is to disgust the other party out of participating.

I've lurked long enough to that the character under attack in the page drops the signal to noise ratio on this forum and two others that I'm aware of.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.