Who can tell me where to buy Caddock MS220

Good evening Skybird,
partsconnexion (Parts ConneXion - The authority on hi-fi DIY parts and components) does have some MS223 left. But very few choices in values. These Caddocks are expensive.

There are enough sellers which have the MP-line for sale....but the MS-line is difficult to find.

I use a lot of Caddock-resistors. As i use a lot of transmitter tubes (working on the wrong side of 1000V) these Caddock MS-line resistors are simply unbeatable.
During the years i've accumulated quite some values in the MS and MM-line. If you can specify which value you need (and in which quantities)....maybe i can help ?

Included some pictures of my latest mono-amplifier (using EL82's); again with Caddock-resistors.

Regards, Reinout


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Hi again Skybird,

oil capaciters...very useful for the power supply. I do like transformercoupling in the audio-path. So it's interstage-coupling; no capacitors.

Did you find your Caddock already ? As said: make a list....maybe a forum-member had the parts you're looking for.

Regards, Reinout