Which tweeter sounds better?

These two drivers use very different technology and are quite expensive. For sure they will sound different, but which one sounds better is a subjective question. The sound will change depending on the enclosure, crossover, room, amp, cd player, etc. Too many variables to be objective. So, I will say: I prefer the scan-speak (mainly based on their other tweeter that I listened).


2002-09-04 11:43 am
What about a Manger schallwandler? It's also a quite amazing product (and expensive)(http://www.manger-msw.com/) What about the Morel Supreme http://www.morel.co.il/index/index.htm and not to forget the tweeters which perform very well at a fraction of the cost of the above mentioned examples
So much is offerered, it doesn't end with a comparison between just two of them...

As always you have to listen for yourself and form your own opinion. Every brand has their own topproduct.
I've used several Scanspeaks from the 9xxx series. Both the 9700 and the 9900 is exellent; used by dynlavy, Proac etc....
I cannot recement those drivers enough!

Thou I've never heard the Scanspeak ringradiator, I've heard from others that it's not as good as the price should indicate.

Kindly - Per.