Which TI chip on what board?

I recently received some TI class D chips. I would like to use some in order to evaluate my/their skills. I have the following chips available;


I am no power freak so anything from 10 Watt/channel is ok, but I can't seem to find a pcb layout for these chips. I thought TI was a well recognized firm in Class D, but the threads about these this chips aren't great....
Who can help me "explore" the class D world with one of these chips?

Browsing the Evaluation boards won't help me get a printable eagle file. I just want to have a (single sided) pcb layout which I can use on the spot to try one of these chips.
I was going to suggest you lay out your own pcb. Plenty of free software out there.
But, I have found from experience that laying out class d amps is no picnic.
They are fussy about layout, decoupling and regulation.

I have even failed using a datasheet schematic to get one going. After a lot of work it was just poor decoupling and some of the datasheet components the wrong value.