Which TDA to choose ?


2013-05-07 2:53 pm

This is my very first msg here and I'm glad to be part of this forum.
I have a question about class D amp.

I own a SMSL SA-36 and had the opportunity to listen a SMSL SA-50 with upgraded PSU.
I found the SA-50 (TDA 7492) much better than my SA-36 in all aspects, more powerful and even more "musical".
I like the SA-50 and I'm ready to buy it.

Now I have seen the SA-98, based on TDA 7498 that is even more powerful , so good point, but what about the musicality ?
Then I have seen SA-98 based sometimes on TDA 7498E, sometimes on TDA 7498L, which one is better (sonically speaking).

Other question, do you think there’s better Class T/D amp in this budget ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback

I'd go for the strongest TDA7498 100W model by Sure plus a MeanWell 24VDC PSU. I own both SA-98 with its own PSU and the Sure/MeanWell - and the Sure combo is much better musical-wise. However I've upgraded it as per Trevor Marshall's advice you can find on this forum. You don't have to keep the Sure in an enclosure, keep it just on the table.


2013-05-07 2:53 pm
Thx for your reply.
Have you done direct comparison between SMSL and Sure models ?
Regarding TDA7498, I've found out the "E" is more powerful than the "L".
E : 2x160W/4Ω,THD = 10% @ 32V, 2x80 W/8Ω,THD = 10%
L : 2x100W/4Ω; THD = 10%, 65W/8Ω; THD = 10%

Now which one is sonically the best ...