Which power device ?

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Can enybody help me to find the substitute for PT6068 and PT6067 power BJT ?

I've search the web but withowt any resoult. The mentionet BJT's are the power devices from an power amp from KÖERTING dated 1983. From the first look I think that they are darlington transistors (TO247 casing) because on the PCB are only TO92 transistors (aka BC547). The amp have a decent sound, rated 80W/4ohm. Power suply have 260VA transformer and 2x6800uF/40V.

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Here is a photo of the transistors.



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I've found the substitute. On the Maxi electronic forum (Slovenian forum) one of the members has the original schematic of the power amp. The substitutes are BDV64C and BDV65C. Thanks for your help !


P.S. For djk

I cant check the voltage drop because the transistor are blown in a such way that between all the pins I dont get any voltage drop - all connections are open.