which op-amps should I use for manipulating ubalanced audio and why??

I'm simulating a circuit in multisim for the first time. My aim is to build a bass preamp so I have a few designs that require op-amps in order to not only cut but boost the signals harmonic content at certain frequencies.

The problem is that all the designs I've found have a variety of op-amps (1C1a - TL072, U1a, U1b, 1C2b - TL072, BF245, TL072, etc) inside but no reason as to why. And I'm also a little confused as to how to power them. I have an LT1013MJ and an LT1013MJ8 in my circuit atm. I've tried powering them a variety of ways but none seem to work.

So please, any advice on which op-amps to use with unbalanced audio and how to power them would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks - Hywel.