Which of these 2 drivers to use?

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Need some advice guys,

I would like to build a subwoofer for my mains. My mains are M.T.M using pro audio drivers (faital pro 8fe200 & HF100 Compression driver)

My application is mainly music and occasionally movies

I'm looking for about 30hz to 80hz of clean bass

I would like to use one 18" driver and have been looking at these drivers:

18 Sounds 18LW1400
0004 18LW1400 - Extended Low Frequency 18LW1400 : Eighteen Sound - professional loudspeakers


Faital Pro 18HP1040
FaitalPRO | LF Loudspeakers | 18HP1040

Which of these two you guys think are better?

*The Faital would cost more than the 18 Sound even though the 18 Sound has double demodulation rings and the faital has none. They both have about the same Xmax of 9mm

*They both are rated at 1000W AES, however would a 500W amp be sufficient to drive these to fill a room 20ft x 15ft x 8ft (6M x 5M x 4.5M)

*Also would these have enough SPL to match my mains? which are 95db x 2 for the 8" woofers and 108db x 1 for the 1" Compression driver, the speaker is in an MTM configuration for Left & Right.

I'm only considering these two because they are on sale right now.

Thanks in advance
Neither of those choices are very good. They look more like pro woofers than music sub-woofers. Also look at the Xmax, it's really rather limited travel for such big drivers.

If they are a bargain, then go for it. Otherwise spend your money on a good music (not pro) sub-woofer in the 12" to 15" and get some bass traps. The traps will add hundreds of watts and several inches to the apparent size of all your speakers.

Lastly, get a hold of a free copy of XSim so you can plug in the figures you see and come up with some cabinet volumes. I suspect that some of those pro drivers you are looking at may require monstrously large cabinets.


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well i'm getting the 18 Sound 18LW1400 for a very good price, as for for non pro audio drivers they are not commonly available here its either pro audio or car audio. As for SQ I don't believe it would sound bad because it won't be used anywhere near its limit or full potential so distortion should be low?

I know X-max seems limited at 9mm but considering its high SD driver my thinking was this would make up for moving a good amount of air equivalent to a smaller high x-max driver

Yes the box would be kinda big at 9cu.ft (255 Ltrs.) external volume, roughly 23" Wide x 19" Deep x 36" High but I could probably live with that.

Also I think this thing would be LOUD! With 300Watts it should reach x-max at 9mm and just above 125db @ 30hz in 1pi according to Hornresp. I have attached a print from hornresp. not sure if its correct tho.

interesting advice on the bass traps, thanks!


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