Which mixer?


2016-03-10 5:57 pm
I'm new here, so first I'd like to say hello to everyone, and it's nice to be here :)
I'm a musician, and I'm playing live gigs, mostly acoustic duo (two guitars and vocals), or trio, and I have to get some new gear.
I decided to buy dB Technologies Opera 712dx speakers
dB Technologies Opera 712dx - Thomann UK
So, they are active speakers, and I have Yamaha EMX212S powermixer
Yamaha EMX 212 S - Thomann UK
, but it has two outputs on the front pannel for connecting this kind of speakers, or an external amplifier. So, I guess that I could use that combination.
Now finally my question: Is that combination better, or should I buy this other mixer that has some really cool options, but I've never tried it, so I need some advice which one would be better. The one I'd like to buy is Behringer X AIR XR12
Behringer X AIR XR12 - Thomann UK
Please help, do I need to buy the new one, or is Yamaha better?
Thank you!


2016-03-10 5:57 pm
I know that I don't I don't need it. The question was which combination would produce better sound quality, and since I already have the Yamaha, why not use it, if maybe it would be even better than the other one which I would have to buy, and I'm low on cash...
If you are low on cash, and you ALREADY have the Yamaha, then there is no reason you cannot use the Yamaha as a mixer only, leaving the power amp section unused. Those power amps might come in useful at a later time, who knows?

I don't see it as a matter of "better", I see it more a matter of "does it sound good to you?" I expect the Yamaha sounds reasonably good, so any improvement from a different mixer will be small. The Yamaha has graphic EQ on the panel, which is VERY useful in live sound. Without looking at the Yamaha manual, I hope the EQ is accessible through the panel jacks. If the Behringer has such EQ it must be done in software, since there are no controls for it. And that means carrying around some sort of computer to interface with it, presumably through the USB port I see on its front. In fact, the Behringer lacks controls that I can see, so I'd imagine it is a peripheral expecting a computer for its basic function.

Your audience is not listening to the two choices side by side making comparisons, they are listening to the performance. As long as the live sound isn't bad, they will not be bothered by it. people hear sibilance or distortion or bad tonal balance. A good clean sound is all they expect.


2013-03-31 3:53 am
The X Air mixer is far more capable than the Yamaha you have but you will need a computer or tablet to access it.. it has a built-in wireless access point. Do you absolutlely need it? No but I think once you make the leap you won't go back as you can put the mixer off to the side somewhere and with a tablet mounted on a stand in front of you control the whole show.
Yeah, then go to the men's room and discover your tablet disappeared.
Mixers are bigger , the 12 input ones don't fit under a coat, have 20 wires to disconnect, and are harder to sell to a fence.
Behringer stuff is repairable only by authorized service agencies. Nobody else can have the schematic diagrams, they are copyrighted. Look at all the threads begging for Behringer schematics.
You can use the Yamaha desk with those speakers, just make sure you run from the line outputs, *not* the speaker outputs.

I'd expect those dB speakers to do better than anything you could run from a powered mixer.

Next up, the Behringer unit you've linked requires an iPad or similar to control. Depending on what you want to do with it, 4 mic inputs might not be enough. There's no option for expansion, either. You need to decide if its enough, or if you need to look into other options.



2016-03-10 5:57 pm
I know all the specs about the Behringer, and what it requires to work. I know it has more options then the Yamaha. Going in front with a tablet to do the sound check would be nice, and 4 effects per channel is very cool option, and making, and saving presets is also a big + for Behringer. But what I asked was: Would the sound be better through Behringer, or Yamaha? Considering that I already have the Yamaha, it would be stupid of me to buy the other one if the sound would be better through Yamaha. So, does anyone know the answer?
And thank you for your previous answers!
Would the sound be better through Behringer, or Yamaha? Considering that I already have the Yamaha, it would be stupid of me to buy the other one if the sound would be better through Yamaha. So, does anyone know the answer?

No, because there is no answer - it's purely subjective.

Either would be perfectly fine, and while they may sound slightly 'different' (mainly because they offer different options and settings) which is 'better' is down to personal choice.

I'm with the rest, as you've already got the Yamaha why go to the extra expense of another mixer?.