Which midbass woofer for TL?

Hi all,
I happen to have two different model Aurum Cantus 10" midbass woofers lying around and I need to use a pair of them to replace the blown drivers in my TL line speakers. I'm no expert on TL's and I'm not sure if either of these speakers models would work well in a TL but I need to make a choice and go with it. The box is a 9ft tapered, bi-folded TL with sectional area equal to 125% of a 10" cone at the front of the line and 100% of cone area at the port end.

Question: Which of these woofers would work best?

Aurum Cantus AC-250F1 10" Woofer | Parts-Express.com

Aurum Cantus AC-250MKII 10" Carbon Fiber Sandwich Woofer | Parts-Express.com

Using MJK rule of thumb, the line is likely too small fro any 10" and long enuff to require a driver with very low Fs. Download Martin King's TL tables (and accompanying spreadsheet) and start plugging data in until you get output similar to your line.

Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design

If necessary it might be possible to shorten the line by cutting a new terminus.

Honestly, using the MLK calculators are over this old man's head and I'm just wondering which of the two drivers I mentioned would work the best.

The tables are a simplified, no math required subset of the full MJK package. You plug the appropriate T/S parameters into the spreadsheet and see what it spits out.

I'd guess that most 10" are too loarge for your cross-section. Even thou Sd has nothing to do with the end result of a TL, Martin suggests 3xSd as a starting point for the closed end.