Which is better resistor; Vishay VSH or Caddock mk132 series?

Holco it was

Did the mod with the Holco instead...your recommendation was coroborated.

It definetly sounds better than the vsh resistors.

Admitedly this was done at the same time as some cap mods, but the caps have not burnt in yet so I suspect most of the immediate improvements must be attributed to the resitors.

:)thanks for the recommendation :)


diyAudio Senior Member
2002-08-21 1:20 am


I find the Holco better suited for digital stuff,some prefer their somewhat lusher sound.
Generally I use the Vishay in high precision networks,cartridge loading and so on.
Holco's may sweep some harshness under the carpet.
It is for this same reason some seem to prefer MKC caps iso MKP caps at the otput of their DAC.
One thing to look out for is non-magnetism of lead-out wires.
I hear left and right the later Holco series use tin coated high tensile steel lead-outs.
Holco's success in audio started when we started to search for non-magnetic resistors.(Copper lead-outs.)
They don't seem to have cared , so caveat emptor...
For a manufacturer of resistors tensile strength if of course important,to us audiofreaks it ain't.
This is all a matter of choosing yr. recipe in high-end cuisine of course.

Just my 2 cents worth,