Which Driver To match NHT SuperOne & ADCOM GFA535?


2006-10-16 2:49 pm
Which Driver To match NHT SuperOne & ADCOM GFA535?

I have read through the forum and I'm still confused. I would like to build a SubWoofer to match my current setup: NHT superOne bookend speakers driven by ADCOM GFA535 amp, used for music.

I would appreciate advice on the selection of driver, and cabinet size. Since this is my first speaker build project, I am planning on building a sealed box (of course I'm open to suggestions!!).

I plan on building the amp, class B.

My background, I'm an EE with extensive circuit board design.

I looked through the PArts-Express catalog and Madison website, there seems to be a wide choice in terms of price and styles.

Any advice would be welcome!!



First, I have no knowledge about NHT superOne bookend.

Usually you want a subwoofer to fill the space under it, let say they play solid down to 80 Hz and can play loud at 80 Hz, then you choose a driver that's great up to 80 Hz.

If they are small bookend, maybe they are only good to 160 Hz or so. That may need stereo subwoofers next to each bookend with subwoofers drivers with better midbass extension, or you will be able to localize the subwoofer in the room.

Then, how much space do you have ? That's the most important question. After that, the amplifier is usually alot cheaper if you buy it, but yeah it also remove alot of fun.

Also, what kind of music do you listen to ? You can go extreme and want a subwoofer to reproduce classical Tchaikovsky 1812 overture cannon notes (9 Hz) or you want only good pop music punch (40 Hz).

Since you want to go sealed everything is more simple. In short: big box if you want to go low and small box if you don't.

If you want to shop at PartsExpress, I'd recommend using their home brand Dayton subwoofers. At Madisound (I guessed you meant Madisound instead of Madison) you could look at Peerless subwoofers drivers, but IMHO Dayton is better for the price/performance ratio.

Good luck !