Which DAC with BT to choose (newbie)


2020-02-24 6:48 pm

I am not an audiophile listener and stream my music almost exclusively from Spotify (high res) via a Google Pixel 2 XL (capable for all codecs), but I would like to improve my setup for this.

Amplifier: NAD304
Boxes: Q Acoustics 2020i
Sub (active): Q Acoustics 2070i

Originally I bought a cheap DAC with BT, but the board arrived defective: DYKB 12AU7 Rohr CSR8675 Bluetooth 5,0 Audio Empfanger Bord ES9018 decoder DAC 12s signal APTX AUX fur 12v 24v auto Verstarker-in DAC aus Verbraucherelektronik bei AliExpress

Thought about ordering this one: Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at Aliexpress.com

Do you have any better ideas or should O maybe go for a Topping DAC?