Which cap would you pick?

I am looking at two different capacitors here. They are axial, 4700uF, 25V and have a large difference in price. Other than they are usually to low for power rails in an amp, what would you pick based of the spec sheets I have attached and why?

This first cap is $2.98 a piece.


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That can depend on lots of things... like do you have loudspeaker protection... if no, you would idealy like a powersupply that is not going to keel over some random day in the forseeable future...

So lots of posibibilities are possible, in some implementations it is also critical to have long life components... like medical and aviation electronics... you don't want any surprises...
IMO, they aren't different in any way that matters for a low frequency (line) power supply, and I'd be amazed if there were any verifiable sonic difference. Audio equipment usually operates far cooler than industrial equipment, so the life of either one should be more than adequate if it's not abused. I'd go with the less expensive one.