Whic Chip is better? LM3886T or TDA7293v

Difference between chips

The 7293v is DMOS, with MOSFET outputs. The 3886 is friendly for experimenters and DIYers, and you may want to search for the differences in protection systems. DMOS works well with high NFB current and heat.

The 3886 has Darlington outputs. Possibly, the 3886 handles lower impedances better. The 7294 I use has good 16 ohm power, and generally has flawless sound all around.

I have not tried the 3886, but from what I know of MOSFETS and the 7294, manufacturers aren't quite as confident with them.

One could Google or search online for opinions about the two-Darlingtons or DMOS.
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TDA7293 has lower quiescent, can be paralleled very easily for higher power, runs at higher voltages and clips more cleanly without need of a zobel. It does though need a bootstrap cap. LM3886 has the option of an isolated package and needs fewer pins to hook up to so fewer components in application. I wouldn't say that I would be able to tell the difference in sound quality, they both sound great to my ears. That is until you hit clipping, when the LM3886 can sound a bit rough.