Where to obtain matched mosfet for SOZ?

It might be the only way to go. For matching IRFP244 for SOZ, what voltage and current should be used to feed the mosfet? I read the A75 article about matching mosfet. Can I just use the same setup for SOZ? And how do you guys setup the matching circuit? I plan to use wall-mount adapter to provide 12V (don't know if it works). Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

I first used the A75 article to match Mosfet's. I remember that I used only resistors, aligator clips, heatsink, Mosfet and power source.

After a mail to Nelson Pass (i didn't know this forum) he told me to try it out, so I did and I succeeded.

Leave the Mosfet matching for Pass Labs.

If we start doing all the pro's stuff, they will be out of bussiness, and we don't want that!