Where to obtain filter caps?

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Try <a href="http://www.meci.com/index.html">MECI</a>. Use the menu on the left to choose "Capacitors" and then "Computer Grade". Plenty to choose from and pretty good prices, too. One thing they don't tell you when you order 5 or more of the same cap, you save approx 40%. So ordering 5-7 caps is cheaper than ordering 4...
I just revisited MECI to make sure.

In computer grade electrolytics, they offer 3 items with a 100v rating; 1000, 1200 and 1900mfd. Hardly enough unless you want to parallel a bunch in which case the savings disappear.

There are others with greater and more useful capacity for solid state power amps but they are rated at only 10v.

I wonder if we went to the same page over there.
At the top and bottom of each page, they have a "next" link to click. There are approximately 10 pages of caps ranging from 6v to 450v and from 1,000uf up to 100,000uf or so... In many cases, they even tell you who the manufacturer is so you can find more information about them.

I'll bet you missed the "next" link... I recently ordered some 50v 24,000uf caps for my power supply.
Just for kicks I visited computer grade section of MECI myself and I found it to be pretty messy. Not much above 50V which is ok if you are doing JLH-type amps.
Mouser has a complete selection of Mallory, Digikey has Panasonic computer grade(type-AA I think). Prices are a little steep though. I am sure Allied and Newark would have interesting stuff, too.
Want inexpensive? Try surplus!

I've been quite lucky at finding what I need, at a good price, from surplus vendors. This is especially true if you have the time, and bandwidth, to search for it, and you don't have a tight schedule for completion (stock at surplus vendors changes quickly).

I've put together a list of surplus vendors at 'http://www.diydb.org/links/surplus.html'. This list is NOT complete, and, although I've dealt successfully with several of them (and never had a problem with any of them), I'm not specifically recomending any vendor on the list. To the best of my knowledge, they're all reputable vendors.

When dealing with surplus vendors, you have to know EXACTLY what you're looking for, and have a good idea as to what it would cost at a normal store. You also have to realize that technical assistance from a surplus vendor is usually hard to come by.

Good luck.

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