Where to go to find info about old speakers?

I picked up a pair of Siemens RL-171 speakers off my brother's in-laws for free. They sound pretty good.. not a lot of bass, but still not bad. 3-way, but with two woofers. (does that make them 4-way?)

Marked 50/60 watts on the back (is that rms/peak??), 4-ohms, sealed box design.

The reason they're so hard to find info on: Purchased in Germany in 1971... and were never available in the US.

Any idea where I'd find some info on these suckers? Google has turned up squat... even google.de.

They sound good. Midrange and highs are really nice, but bass could use some help. (Better than my rebuilt Radio Shack speakers (all Dayton on the inside), but only just).

Can you post pictures? Front & backs of the drivers. Also check to see if the woofers are suffering from "stiff surround syndrome". Also a box of this vinatge may well have alnico drivers and as they age the magnets will lose their charge and the Qts & Vas will go up meaning the original box is too small to work any longer. Depending on what is in there it may be worthwhile to send them out to be recharged.

I can almost guarantee thou that a better box could be built.

I haven't taken mine apart yet , but I found someone selling the insides of the exact same speakers on eBay: (with photos)


I just had carpal tunnel surgery so I'm not able to really use my right hand... but once I can I'll take these speakers apart and take photos of the inside. (and also refinish the cabinets and replace the caps in the crossovers)

No alnico...

The midrange is likely quite a decent bass limited FR once released from its mid enclosure (i've seen that plastic "cup" before but none of the drivers. 2 different drivers for the bass. You usually see that when one is designed to go fairly low to help aid the other which has a more extended range. 3" is a little unusual for the germans (4 is more common).