Where to get 3886 kits?

I'm looking for a quality, reputable vendor that is guaranteed not to ship any kits with parts coming from china or parts that are counterfeit/fake.

I found chipamp.com, not sure where this show is run from though.

I'm wondering if there are any others out there to consider. I'm looking for a seller that gives me a good "vibe."
Since you seem to be so completely paranoid about fakes, why not buy PCBs from a company like ChipAmp.com and then source all the parts yourself from a reputable US vendor such as Digikey, Mouser, or the similar?

Why you would feel this way about ChipAmp.com is beyond me. If you do some searches about chip amp kits on this forum and others I believe that you will find many people posting how great they were, etc. and maybe that will help to change your guarded outlook.

oh i wasn't "dissing" chipamp. i was listing it as the 1 place i have found so far that gives me a good vibe.

i could hunt down all the parts one by one. but i know someone else has already done that work for me. and picked good ones.

since this is my first amp build, i'll stick with that until i get my hands dirty, then i'll start branching off to more complex stuff.

i'll check out audio sector too.


2007-09-21 6:28 am
Funky engrish (probably machine-translated), but the components look good and the boards aren't exactly inexpensive. Any idea why there's a KOA power resistor (probably in series with the LM3886 output)? It doesn't seem to be part of a Zobel - is it there for additional protection against shorts to ground?