Where to from here? 11.2 HT loudspeaker design help please!


2016-03-09 10:47 pm
I currently have a Denon 4311 receiver (140 watts rms) running 11.2 Audyssy surround both heights and wides, with 2 x 18” DIY subwoofers. Mains/surrounds are a mish mash of B&Ws; fronts DM602 S3s, side rears 685, 686

I'm converting a shed to a dual purpose kitchen living (i.e. home theatre) area that will be well sound proofed and walls damped to provide good base trapping. Room size is 8.5m x 5.5m x 2.8m. I have an acoustic screen 2.8m wide, seating about 3.3m from screen (which is an issue with room modes I know). I don't listen to music (sad too I know).

I'd like to build some DIY replacement speakers (not subs) with the following goals:
1) worthwhile upgrade from existing speakers
2) good directionality (unity horn design?)
3) copy cat design (ie. not designing my own). Beginner builder (excluding a couple of subs) with little understanding of electronics (but can solder).
4) ideally using drivers available in Australia (peerless?)- but could ship depending on price (usually a killer)
5) cheap as possible but worthwhile upgrade. Ie. bang-for-buck approach (for both price and build complexity)
6) passive vs active crossovers? Again existing design that I can follow .

7) no more than $450 for per speaker, excluding timber, but ideally less than $250 (unrealistic?)

Could this be worth considering? I can get a kit for 2 speakers $313 total, including delivery to Aus!