Where is the baffle edge with different roundover/chamfer?

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I am interesting in using pre-built (or pre-designed) crossovers with 2 way TM speaker designs that are well rated and are proven. The crossovers are obviously designed to be used with the drivers installed in cabinet with proper baffle width due to BSC compensation.

Here is where I get a little lost...

I may consider using a 2 way passive bookshelf type design as a modular set up sitting atop a larger woofer cabinet (mid bass, not sub) with active crossover and using the extra channels on a 5.1 receiver that is used for stereo only. I can set the 2 way on top of the larger woofer cabinet, and use a minidsp to integrate the mid/bass drivers... For an example, using some bookshelfs sitting on top of my BIG cerwin vega cabinets. I will use this to help learn how to measure FR and set up active xover to integrate the bookshelfs and large woofer cabinet.

If I decide to use a larger woofer and a very large cabinet, I would consider integrating the 2 way into the upper section of a new enclosure to fit the mid and tweet as you would in a typical 3 way. If I do this, I have to make the mid/tweet baffle the width designed for the mid/tweet and passive crossover.
If the crossover is designed for BSC on a 7 inch wide baffle, does the chamfer begin at the 7 inches? So can I have a chamfer that starts at 7 inches, and goes back to the width needed to fit a larger woofer? So can I got from 7 to 16?
I am not sure how chamfer or roundover effects baffle width and BSC...

Here is a basic idea of what I mean by placing small baffle on big box and integrating with chamfer. Here is an old RP250 picture to show big chamfer...


I am going to start saving up to buy measuring equipment, so I will be able to experiment and learn more in summer (I hope, as that's my plan!).

I have lots of speakers laying around, and would like to make some 2 ways into open baffle active, but with original tweeter/mid crossover and original baffle for highs... Also closed baffle...

I would like to build a constant directivity style 2 way with the possibility of adding a large, highly efficient midbass for fun... I have low wattage, and want a little more volume and clarity... I would like to use existing crossover for econowaves, but put in bigger box...

I also have a ribbon mid and tweet (same as in RP250 shown above). I will make custom passive crossovers for when I get measuring equipment... My goal is to run that off one stereo channel, and run the midbass off the other stereo pair...

I think that's it for now :D
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